How to use Google Drive

Google Drive is an online file storage service that gives you 15GB of cloud storage for free. You can use it to create documents and store, share folders and files with other people.

Get started with Google Drive

Step 1: Go to Google drive
Step 2: Log in to MyDrive with your email ID

Step 3:You’ll see "My Drive," 

Step 4:Create New Folder

Goto MyDrive>New folder>Add name to your new folder 

Step 5:Drag and Drop your files in your new folder

Click on "MyKnowledge" Folder and drop your files.

Step 6:Ensure your files successfully uploaded like below

Most Popular Google Products And Services are

Google Search EngineGoogle ChromGmailAndroidYouTubeGoogle AdsenseGoogle Drive
For more products and details please visit the official website of google

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