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Spring Boot - Spring Security - Okta OAuth2 Login - Example

Hello everyone, Today we are going to learn how to integrate the Okta OAuth2 Sign-In by utilizing the Spring Boot application. M ore Spring Security topics: Registration and Login with Spring Boot + Spring Security + Thymeleaf Spring Boot-Authentication and Authorization with Spring Security & JWT Spring Security -GitHub OAuth2 Login - Example   Generate Okta OAuth2 credentials   1.  Register Okta developer account  -   click here 2. Customize your goals 3.  After clicking the Customize Goals, one modal will pop up "Tell Us About Yourself" Save the details 4. Create a Web Application(Java) 5.  Create New App 6.  After clicking the Create New App, one modal will pop up "Create a new  app integration" Click the 'Next' Button 7. C hange the Redirect URI to http://localhost:8080/login/oauth2/code/okta  8.  After clicking the Save button, System will generate the Client ID and Client Secret and Okta domain. Now we have successfully created the auth client in

Build REST CRUD APIs with Quarkus + Hibernate ORM Panache

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to build RESTful CRUD APIs using  QUARKUS  and Hibernate ORM Panache. Quarkus  is a Java framework designed to run within containers. Fixating on expeditious start-up times and low memory utilization makes it more felicitous to run within container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes. Quarkus  supports many industry-standard libraries such as Hibernate, Kubernetes, RESTEasy, Eclipse MicroProfile, and more... More Quarkus Related topics, Build REST CRUD APIs with Quarkus and MyBatis Build Rest CRUD API with MongoDB, Quarkus, and MongoDB Client Build Rest CRUD API with Quarkus and MongoDB Panache Kotlin + Quarkus + MyBatis - Build REST CRUD API example Let's start to build RESTful API with  QUARKUS   Technologies used: Quarkus 2.2.3.Final Hibernate ORM Panache H2 Database Java 11 Project Directory: Maven Dependencies[pom.xml]: <?xml version = "1.0" ?> <project xsi:schemaLocation = "