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Spring Boot @ConditionalOnResource Annotation Example

In this section we will learn about  @ConditionalOnResource Annotation. The  @ConditionalOnResource  annotation allows you to enable configuration only when a specific resource is available. We can specify resource's location of classpath as well as system locations. The  @ConditionalOnResource  annotation may be used on any class annotated with @Configuration ,  @Component ,  @Service  &  @Repository  or on methods annotated with  @Bean . 1. Using @ConditionalOnProperty on @Bean method and @Configuration class For example,  The EmailNotificationService class is only loaded if the notification configuration file ( ) was found on the classpath. The TwitterNotificationService class is only loaded if the notification and message configuration files ( and ) was found on the  classpath . @Configuration @ConditionalOnResource (resources = { "" }) public class AppConfig { @Bean ( &