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Spring Boot - Testing JSON Serialization and Deserialization With @JsonTest - Example

In this section,  we will learn how to test JSON Serialization and Deserialization With @JsonTest in Spring Boot application. 1.  @JsonTest Instead of bootstrapping the entire application context for every test, @JsonTest  initializes the Spring application context with only those beans needed to test JSON serialization and deserialization. @JsonTest annotation can be used to test slices of our application and the auto-configuration that it import by default are listed below: org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.cache. CacheAutoConfiguration org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.gson. GsonAutoConfiguration org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jackson. JacksonAutoConfiguration org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jsonb. JsonbAutoConfiguration org.springframework.boot.test.autoconfigure.json. JsonTestersAutoConfiguration Testing JSON Serialization and Deserialization Example 2.  Creating a spring boot application First, open the Spring initializr Then, Prov