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Spring Boot - Testing Spring WebFlux Controller with @WebFluxTest - Example

In this section, we will learn how to test Spring WebFlux Controller with @WebFluxTest. 1.  @WebFluxTest Instead of bootstrapping the entire application context for every test, @WebFluxTest  allows us to initialize only the parts of the Application context that are necessary for our Spring WebFlux layer. This allows us to focus on testing the controllers, and related components. Following beans will be scanned while using @WebFluxTest : @Controller @ControllerAdvice @JsonComponent Converter GenericConverter Filter WebFluxConfigurer Regular @Component, @Service or @Repository beans are not scanned when using this annotation. This approach not only speeds up the testing process but also ensures a focused and efficient testing environment.  This approach is also known as "slicing" the application context. The annotation can be used to test a single controller by passing it as an attribute, for example @WebFluxTest(SomeController.class). @WebFluxTest ( StudentController . class )