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Angular 10 + Node.js + MongoDB CRUD example - MEAN stack

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to develop a MEAN stack web application that is a basic User Management Application using MongoDB, Express, Angular 10, and Node.js. GitHub repository link is provided at the end of this tutorial. You can download the source code. Architecture We’re gonna build the application with the following architecture: Node.js Express exports REST APIs & interacts with MongoDB Database utilizing Mongoose ODM. Angular Client sends HTTP Requests and retrieves HTTP Replications utilizing HTTPClient, consuming data on the components. Angular Router is utilized for navigating to pages. -Add a User: -View all Users: -Update User: - View User: We divided this tutorial into two parts. PART 1 - Rest APIs Development using Node.js and express PART 2 - UI development using Angular 10 PART 1 - Rest APIs Development using Node.js and express These are APIs that Node.js Express App will export: GET all User's        :      /api/v1/users GET User by ID     :