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Blade - Java Web Framework -Guide

Welcome to the new generation MVC framework(Web) The Blade is based on Java8 + Netty4 to create a lightweight, high-performance, simple, and elegant Web framework. Blade Framework is based on the Apache2 License. Features A new generation MVC framework that doesn't depend on other libraries Get rid of SSH's bloated, modular design The source is less than 500kb, learning it is also simple RESTful-style routing design Template engine support, view development more flexible High performance, 100 concurrent qps 20w/s Run the JAR package to open the web service Streams-style API CSRF and XSS defence Basic Auth and Authorization Supports plug-in extensions Support web jars resources Tasks based on cron expressions Built-in a variety of commonly used middleware Built-in JSON output JDK8 + Advantages Simplicity: The design is simple, easy to understand, and doesn't introduce many layers between you and the standard library. The goal of this project is