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Google Cloud Firestore + Spring Boot + Spring WebFlux - Build Reactive CRUD REST APIs

In this section, we will learn  how to build reactive REST CRUD APIs with Spring Boot, Spring WebFlux, and Google Cloud Datastore. 1.  A little bit of Background Reactive APIs Reactive APIs are non-blocking and tend to be more efficient because they’re not tying up processing while waiting for stuff to happen. Reactive systems adopt asynchronous I/O. Reactive apps allow us to scale better if we are dealing with lots of streaming data. If we are going to build a reactive app, we need it to be reactive all the way down to your database.  Google Cloud Firestore Firestore is a NoSQL document database built for automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development. While the Firestore interface has many of the same features as traditional databases, as a NoSQL database it differs from them in the way it describes relationships between data objects.   More Info - click here! Spring WebFlux The reactive-stack web framework, Spring WebFlux, was added later in version 5.0. It