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Micronaut Caffeine Cache - Quick Start

Hello everyone, Today we will setup up a sample Micronaut application and integrate it with Caffeine Cache. Caffeine is a high-performance Java-based caching library providing a near-optimal hit rate. It provides an in-memory cache. Final Project Directory Maven Dependencies <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> <project xmlns = "" xmlns:xsi = "" xsi:schemaLocation = "" > <modelVersion> 4.0.0 </modelVersion> <groupId> </groupId> <artifactId> micronaut-caffeine-demo </artifactId> <version> 0.1 </version> <packaging> ${packaging} </packaging> <parent> <groupId> io.micronaut </groupId> <artifactId> micronaut-parent </artifactId>