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Dockerize Spring Boot Application and Deploy Docker Image To Azure App Service Using GitHub Actions

Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well. In this tutorial, you will learn how to d ockerize the spring boot application and deploy the docker image to the Azure app service using GitHub actions. A little bit of Background Azure App Service (Containerization and Docker ) Dockerize your app and host a custom Windows or Linux container in App Service. Run multi-container apps with Docker Compose. Migrate your Docker skills directly to App Service. More Info - Azure Container Registry Azure Container Registry allows you to build, store, and manage container images and artifacts in a private registry for all types of container deployments. Use Azure container registries with your existing container development and deployment pipelines. Use Azure Container Registry Tasks to build container images in Azure on-demand, or automate builds triggered by source code updates, updates to a container's base image, or timers. More Info -