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JVM [Java Virtual Machine] - Architecture

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a designation that provides a runtime environment in which java bytecode can be executed. As the denomination implicatively insinuates, the JVM acts as a “virtual” machine or processor. Java's platform independence consists mostly of its Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM is a component of the Java Run Environment (JRE). In other programming languages, the compiler engenders machine code for a particular system. However, the Java compiler engenders code for a Virtual Machine known as Java Virtual Machine.   The JVM performs the following operation: Loads code Verifies code Executes code  Here is how JVM works First, Java code is compiled into bytecode. This bytecode gets interpreted on different machines. Between the host system and Java source, Bytecode is an intermediary language.JVM in Java is responsible for allocating memory space. JVM Architecture JVM architecture in Java contains classloader, memory area, execution engine, etc.