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Ktor Hello World Example

In the section, we will create a project for Hello Word Example. Step 1: Open Ktor Initializr Step 2: Provide the Project Name We have provided ktor-helloworld. Step 3: Provide the Website name. We have provided the . Step 4: Provide the Artifact Id. We have provided the . Step 5: Click on the Add plugins button. Step 6: Click on the Generate project button.  Step 7: Extract the ZIP file. Step 8: Import the project folder When the project imports successfully, it shows the following project directory in the Package Explorer section of the IDE. Project Directory Routing.kt package import io.ktor.server.routing.* import io.ktor.http.* import io.ktor.server.application.* import io.ktor.server.response.* import io.ktor.server.request.* fun Application . configureRouting () { routing { get ( "/" ) { call .respondText( "Hello World!" ) } } } Copy Applica