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Jmeter : Rest API load testing using Apache Jmeter

Hello everyone, welcome to our session. Today we will learn how to load test a JSON Rest API using JMeter. As a QA engineer, you probably incorporate many types of tests into your code checking: unit tests, integration tests, UI tests, functional tests, security tests, and more. Infrequently, load tests might be overlooked in a sprint or release process. After all, if the system is working under functional testing, it’s good to go, right? Wrong . Why load testing is important? This testing customarily identifies -  The maximum operating capacity of an application  Determine whether the current infrastructure is adequate to run the application  Sustainability of application with veneration to peak utilizer load  Number of concurrent users that an application can fortify and scalability to sanction more users to access it. Some astronomically popular sites have suffered solemn downtimes when they get massive traffic volumes. E-commerce websites invest heavily in advertising campaigns, bu

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