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Python Programming Language - Console Input and Output

Console output Printing data to the console is one of the most common ways to output it in Python. This method is the primary way to quickly view the results of your work if you are in the early stages of learning a language. print() can be used to output data to the console. print( "Hello" ) Console output: Hello By default, this function prints the value on a separate line, which is a nice feature. For example: print( "Hello Carl" ) print( "Hello Rick" ) print( "Hello Lori" ) Console output: Hello Carl Hello Rick Hello Lori Here, some messages are printed using the three print() function calls. Furthermore, when outputting to the console, each message will be placed on a separate line: This behavior isn't always convenient. We want all values to be displayed on a single line, for instance. To do this, we need to configure the behavior functions using the end parameter. The characters that are appended to the end of the output string are de