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Python Programming Language - Local Environment Setup

First, check whether Python is installed on your machine or not. Then, execute the below command in the system terminal. python --version If python is not installed in your machine,  you can download it for the desired operating system from official website. Download python - click here After installation, you can immediately begin creating and launching programs.  You can write python program anywhere, even in Notepad. The main thing is that the file with the program is saved as text, and the file has the extension .py. Open Notepad, write the below code in the file, and save the file. The file should have the print( "Hello world" ) This program will print "Hello world" on the console. Program can then be launched from the command line as follows: python Output: However, writing programs in Notepad is not very convenient - it won’t even show typos and syntax errors. Therefore, special integrated development environment (IDE) is usually