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Quarkus - How to send a secret from Mobile to Server?

Hello everyone, Today we will learn how to implement end-to-end encryption in the Quarkus ecosystem. Here I am showing architecture visualization and demo application implementation. Encryption's primary purpose is to protect against brute force attacks. It is composed of a cipher, the message/data, and a key (the password). With a wide range of free tools available like(Aircrack-ng, John the Ripper, Rainbow Crack, L0phtCrack ), even baby hackers can attempt to hack passwords using brute force. In my opinion, as a layperson in cryptography, multiple double-layer encryptions may not increase security, but they may slow down attackers. Using encryption may cause performance issues. Or maybe not. It really depends on how you use it. If you understand just how "expensive" each part of your enterprise encryption operation is, it's possible you can avoid the expensive parts and dramatically increase the performance of your applications. Let's see the architecture of the