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Spring Boot + Spring Data JPA + Thymeleaf ,Pagination & CRUD Application Example

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. Today we will learn how to develop a simple  Pagination & CRUD Application using  Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, and Thymeleaf . Technologies Used: Java 17 Spring Boot 2.5.5 Spring Data JPA Thymeleaf H2 Database HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery A little bit of Background Thymeleaf Thymeleaf is a modern server-side Java template engine for both web and standalone environments.  Thymeleaf's main goal is to bring elegant natural templates to your development workflow — HTML that can be correctly displayed in browsers and also work as static prototypes, allowing for stronger collaboration in development teams.  With modules for Spring Framework, a host of integrations with your favourite tools, and the ability to plug in your own functionality, Thymeleaf is ideal for modern-day HTML5 JVM web development — although there is much more it can do. More Info - Spring Data JPA Spring Data JPA provides repository support for the

Spring Boot + Angular: File Upload & Download Example

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to upload and download file with Spring Boot and Angular. You can download the source code from our GitHub repository. Backend Project Directory: Frontend Project Directory: We will build two projects:  1. Backend:  springboot-fileupload-filedownload 2. Frontend: angular-file-upload Project 1: springboot-file-upload-download pom.xml <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> <project xmlns:xsi = "" xmlns = "" xsi:schemaLocation = "" > <modelVersion> 4.0.0 </modelVersion> <parent> <groupId> org.springframework.boot </groupId> <artifactId> spring-boot-starter-parent </artifactId> <version> 2.7.0 </version> <!-- lookup parent fro