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Java, Spring Boot Mini Project - Library Management System - Download

Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well. Here, we provide a Library Management System mini-project for beginners, it's free for download. Maybe you can build more on top of this project and create your own product, that's all about you. The source code download link is provided at the end of this post. 1. Benefit of this project You could cover the following technologies and features by learning and debugging this mini project. Java 17 Java Stream Java Lamda Expressions Java Records Functional programming Object-oriented programming var Keyword in Java Generics in Java Java Switch Spring boot 2.6.4 Spring Security Thymeleaf template engine OpenCSV Spring Data JPA Server Side Pagination H2 Database  Bootstrap HTML CSS and more... 2. Objective Of Spring Boot On Library Management System The main objective of this project is to manage the details of the books, author, category, and publisher. Only Admin/Librarian will manage all these activities. Also, they can export the data in