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Spring Webflux Interview Questions and Answers

More Spring WebFlux related Topics, Building Reactive Rest APIs using Spring Boot, WebFlux, and Reactive MongoDB Building Reactive CRUD APIs Using Spring WebFlux & R2DBC Spring Boot - WebFlux - Video Streaming example 1. What is Reactive Programming? Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that deals with asynchronous data streams and the specific propagation of change, which means it implements modifications to the execution environment in a certain order. The primary benefits of reactive programming are: Incremented utilization of computing resources on multicore and multi-CPU hardware Incremented performance by truncating serialization 2. What is Spring Web flux ? Spring WebFlux is Spring's reactive-stack web framework, and it's an alternative to Spring MVC. Spring WebFlux is a web framework that’s built on top of Project Reactor, to give you asynchronous I/O, and sanction our application to perform better. Reactive web programming is great for applications that h