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Spring Cloud Zipkin + Sleuth - Distributed tracing system

Hello everyone, today, we will create four different simple microservices (account, product, cart, order)  that interact with each other on different ports, then we will Implement distributed tracing using Sleuth and Zipkin .  What is Sleuth ? Sleuth is used to generate and attach the trace id, and span id to the logs so that these can then be used by tools like Zipkin and ELK for storage and analysis. For more information:  Click here   What is Zipkin ? Zipkin is an open-source distributed system. It helps gather timing data needed to troubleshoot latency problems in service architectures. Features include both the collection and lookup of this data. Zipkin provides the UI interface to analyze the traces and call graph details between services. For more information: Click here   Step 1: Create Account Service Project Directory Spring Boot Dependency Management <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> <project xmlns = "