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How to Create a REST API With Kotlin and Helidon SE?

Hello everyone, Today, we will show you how to create a simple REST API with  Helidon SE and  Kotlin . Quick Overview: Helidon SE is designed to be a microframework that fortifies the reactive programming model. Helidon SE features three core APIs to engender a microservice -- a web server, configuration, and security -- for building microservices-predicated applications.  Helidon's web server is an asynchronous and reactive API that runs on top of Netty. The WebServer interface includes support for configuration, routing, error handling, and building metrics and health endpoints. The Config loads and processes configuration properties( or application.yaml) in key/value format.  The Security class provides support for authentication, sanction, and audit. Let's begin, Final Project Directory: Maven [pom.xml]: <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> <project xmlns = "" xmlns:xsi

Kotlin + Spring Boot + React JS + MongoDB CRUD example

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well , today we will learn how to develop a full-stack web application that is a basic User Management Application using React JS, Kotlin, Spring Boot, and MongoDB. You can download the source code from our GitHub Repository. After completing this tutorial what we will build?  We will build a full-stack web application that is a basic User Management Application with CRUD features:  • Create User  • List User  • Update User  • Delete User  A quick overview of React, Kotlin, Spring Boot, and MongoDB    Kotlin Kotlin is a statically typed, general-purpose programming language targeting the Java platform. Kotlin is concise, safe, pragmatic, and fixated on interoperability with Java code. It can be used virtually everywhere Java is utilised today: for server-side development, Android apps, and much more. Kotlin works great with all subsisting Java libraries and frameworks and runs with the same level of performance as Java. MongoDB MongoDB is a document d