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Angular + Spring Boot - Hello World Example

In the section, we will create a project for Hello Word Example with Spring Boot 3 and Angular 15. Part 1 - Backend development Step 1: Creating a simple spring boot web application.   First, open the Spring initializr Then, Provide the Group and Artifact name. We have provided Group name and Artifact helloworld . Here I selected the Maven project - language Java - Spring Boot 3.0.1 and add Spring web dependency. Then, click on the Generate button. When we click on the Generate button, it starts packing the project in a .zip( helloworld .zip ) file and downloads the project.  Then, Extract the Zip file. Step 2: Import the project on your favourite IDE, I am using IntelliJ IDEA Final Project Directory: Pom.xml   <? xml version ="1.0" encoding ="UTF-8" ?> < project xmlns ="" xmlns: xsi ="" xsi :schemaLocation =&qu

Go Lang + Angular + Mysql CRUD example - Go Full stack development

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to develop a full-stack web application that is a basic  User Management Application  using Angular, Go, and Mysql. GitHub repository link is provided at the end of this tutorial. You can download the source code. After completing this tutorial what we will build? We will build a full-stack web application that is a basic User Management Application with CRUD features:  • Create User • List All Users  • Update User  • Delete User  • View User  We divided this tutorial into two parts  PART 1 - Rest APIs Development using Go and Mysql  PART 2 - UI development using Angular PART 1 - Rest APIs Development using Go Language These are APIs that the Go Language application will export: GET all User's        :     /users  GET User by ID     :     /users/{_id}  POST User             :     /users  PUT User               :     /users/{_id}  DELETE User       :     /users/{_id} Backend Project Structure: Create database 'userdb': CREATE DATABASE