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Spring Boot 3, Google Cloud Trace - Distributed tracing example

In this section, we will  create 2 simple services  ( customer  &  product ) and add distributed tracing with  Micrometer Tracing , and use  Spring Cloud GCP  to forward the trace information to  Google Cloud Trace . Distributed tracing , also known as  distributed request tracing , is a method of  monitoring  and  observing  service requests in applications built on a  microservices architecture . When we have chained service to service calls, from  customer  to  product , it's important to understand that the calls were successful and also the latency at every step. Starting from  Spring Boot 3 , the old Spring Cloud Sleuth solution for tracing in Spring Boot is replaced with the new Micrometer Tracing library. Google Cloud Platform  has  Cloud Trace , which is a managed service that allows us to store trace data. In this example we will use  Spring Cloud GCP Trace , which smoothly integrates with  Micrometer Tracing  and forwards the trace data directly to  Google Cloud Tr