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Spring Boot + RabbitMQ - Producer and Consumer Example

In this section, we will learn how to do asynchronous communication using RabbitMQ in  Spring Boot application. We will develop two Spring Boot applications, one producer and one consumer application, then  we will learn how to use RabbitMQ broker in the Spring boot application to send and receive messages between the Producer and the Consumer. 1. What is Message Broker? In the digital world, different systems are constantly sending or receiving messages. This must be carried out in a controlled manner so that messages do not block each other, end up creating a jam and processes cannot function optimally. In order for applications to be able to communicate with each other easily, it makes sense to create an intermediary, that is, a service that is responsible for managing the distribution of messages: this is what is known as a messaging broker . RabbitMQ , one of the best known. 2. What is RabbitMQ? RabbitMQ is a message broker  that acts as an intermediary platform where different